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More Sign on to Ravenna

Radio automation and clockmakers see opportunity in IP audio

ALC NetworX, developer of the Ravenna AEs67-compatible IP audio technology, has announced several more companies that have signed up to support the digital audio network environment.

Finnish company Jutel, known for its radio automation software, is a new signatory. It has been experimenting with Ravenna interfacing in some of its software. One project is a bit of a divergence, delivering audio to loudspeakers at a restaurant.

Jutel CEO Jorma Kivelä explained, “Networked audio and media systems enable new system architecture concepts and business models both for the broadcast industry and other audio and media installations. By integrating Ravenna’s AES67-compatible audio over IP streaming technology, Jutel builds on standardized and futureproof network interoperability for their advanced radio and audio solutions.”

ALC NetworX Senior Product Manager Andreas Hildebrand noted of Jutel’s experiments: “With its RadioMan solution being fully based on a standardized software environment, Jutel is among the first manufacturers to make use of ALC’s Virtual Sound Card technology. With their world-first installation of a Ravenna/AES67-based commercial audio installation they have proven the flexibility and reliability of the Ravenna network technology, even beyond the professional broadcast market.”

Clock, synchronization and timing-device manufacturer Meinberg has joined the club, noting that Ravenna is an open standard that all manufacturers and users can make use of cooperatively. Meinberg Managing Director Heiko Gerstung commented, “Ravenna is a perfect example of an open standard that is clearly designed to help the industry to design products that are firmly oriented towards the requirements of end-users.” He added that Ravenna “offers a scalable and futureproof solution for applications which require both various dedicated legacy timing signals, like a word clock signal, and modern IP-based synchronization protocols, like IEEE1588.”

Andreas Hildebrand said, “We are pleased to see the growing interest in Ravenna from companies providing secondary or infrastructure gear necessary to operate a Ravenna real-time media network with utmost precision. Meinberg, in particular, who are not simply known for their reliable, ultrahigh precision timing devices engineered in Germany, but also for being a main contributor to the ongoing IEEE1588 standardization activities, is a very valuable partner for the Ravenna community.”

Another timing device manufacturer, Austria’s Omicron Lab, has also signed on. The company is not known as an audio equipment company, but Ravenna-compatibility gives it an opening.

Omicron Lab’s Markus Pfitscher said, “Omicron Lab is known as supplier of smart measurement and smart timing solutions for industrial applications. By joining the Ravenna community, with its open technology and the strong user-base, Omicron Lab is excited to provide IEEE 1588/PTP timing solutions for real-time distribution of audio and other media content in IP-based networks. This partnership will open a new market segment for Omicron Lab’s timing solutions …”