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More Stations Deliver NextRadio Interactivity

Emmis says 1,129 stations offering smartphone back channel as Sprint/station promotion ramps up

Now 1,129 stations are delivering interactivity through their NextRadio app.

That’s up from some 760 stations just two weeks ago, when Educational Media Foundation began using Emmis’ TagStation to deliver the so-called back channel features of the NextRadio FM smartphone app.

Emmis says on its NextRadio blog the change has allowed the technology to turn a corner: “When we analyzed the top 20 stations by share in each of the top 25 markets (excluding Puerto Rico), we saw an average of 60% of those stations are now interactive. In short, 60% of the most listened to stations in the top 25 markets are delivering album art, programming schedule, and creating the experience users expect and appreciate from a mobile music app.”

Most of the major markets have 70% coverage by the participating stations, with Chicago leading the pack at 80% displaying enhanced content, according to Emmis. At market numbers 25 and below, Kansas City, Mo. has 90% interactive stations.

Some 3,800 stations are now displaying at least their station logo on the app.

“We’re confident in saying that the consumer experience is one that we’re proud to show off to an increasingly tech-savvy public,” state the NextRadio team.

The change coincides with a step-up in promotion. Sprint has invested in a paid on-air campaign with 100 stations in 11 markets. The campaign includes on-air promotions and DJ endorsements. We had noted earlier that Sprint sent NextRadio-enabled phones to hosts in certain markets so they could talk about the FM app on-air.

The Sprint and NextRadio campaign will run through the end of September and will focus on the features and benefits of the app and also tout the public safety aspect that NextRadio offers, according to Emmis. Just as iBiquity has done and continues to do with HD Radio with auto dealers and receiver retailers, Sprint has provided training about the NextRadio app to sales staff. Some 3,000 Sprint salespeople have been trained so they can discuss the app with customers.