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More than 10 Automakers to Offer Aha in 2013

Audio stations to grow as music, entertainment, location-based services join Web-based platform

Aha by Harman has increased its new automotive and content partnerships.

Ford, Chrysler and Porsche join Acura, Honda and Subaru in publicly announcing their integration of Aha’s service.

Aha uses the Harman platform to enable Web-based entertainment and information in vehicles in a radio-like format familiar to drivers. More than 10 automakers plan to install Aha in their big screen infotainment platforms by the end of the year.

In total, that represents more than 50% of all cars sold in the USA/Canada and up to 30% in Europe, according to Aha.

Aha has expanded upon the 30,000 stations of audio programming available to its customers, spanning from mainstream media to unique long-tail content. Aha’s new media partners include AccuRadio, Deezer, Rdio and SomaFM. Location-based audio services from SurfLine, CustomWeather, Hear Planet, Park Visitor and Roximity are launching as Aha programming.

“Aha lets consumers access their favorite Web content as audio preset buttons wherever they go,” Harman VP of Connectivity Robert Acker told Radio World this week at CES. “By connecting people to the Web in a way that makes sense at 65 mph Aha is delivering the next-generation of driver connectivity in a format as familiar as radio.”

Consumers who want Aha’s personalized listening experience can now download Aha’s updated apps for Android and iPhone.