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More Time Granted to Comment on LPFM

More Time Granted to Comment on LPFM

The FCC has extended the deadline for those who wish to file public comments on the Mitre report. The document looks at whether LPFMs would cause interference to existing full power stations if the LPFMs were licensed without 3rd-adjacent channel protections. The original deadline for the comments was Sept. 12; the new deadline is Oct. 14 (MM Docket 99-25).
National Public Radio and the International Association of Audio Information Services asked for a 90-day extension. Both cited limited resources to evaluate the technical report. The organizations felt all interested parties should have time to assess and “possibly test the validity of the report and its conclusions.”
The commission said the public has had “ample opportunity” to become familiar with the Mitre testing parameters and to conduct its own studies. Granting a long extension would delay the agency’s LPFM report to Congress, the agency stated, so it felt a shorter extension was more appropriate.
To read more about the report, see the Sept. 1 issue of Radio World.

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