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More Warning Originators Use IPAWS for CMAS Alerts

The Emergency Alerting System isn’t the only alerting service using FEMA’s Integrated Public Alert and Warning System architecture.

The wireless industry’s text alerting system, the Commercial Mobile Alert Service, does as well and the number of local alerting authorities completing the IPAWS authorization process for CMAS is on the rise.

So says SRA’s Adrienne Gizicki on the Alerts, Warnings & Response to Emergencies blog.

More than 100 local alerting authorities either have completed IPAWS authorization or are in the process, according to Gizicki, who counts over two dozen states and six major metro areas — like New York City, Los Angeles, Washington and Las Vegas — in the mix.

“To continue our unscientific analysis of the data it also seems that there are more alert originators signed up in areas that face frequent natural disasters such as the Gulf states and tornado alley,” writes Gizicki, noting that NOAA has sent out CMAS alerts in New Mexico, Wisconsin and Tennessee.

The expert also gives FEMA IPAWS kudos for its redesigned website.

NOAA originates the majority of CMAS messages for severe weather alerts, however local jurisdictions do too. If your city or county has issued a CMAS message to date, or has decided not to, AWARE wants to hear from you at