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Motorola’s Symphony Digital Audio Technology Improves

Motorola's Symphony Digital Audio Technology Improves

Motorola, Inc.’s Semiconductor Products Sector is now offering its next-generation, 24-bit digital signal processor optimized for professional and consumer audio electronic applications. The company claims the DSP56371 doubles the level of performance and provides more on-chip memory than previous members of the Symphony Digital Audio DSP family, helping to simplify systems design and drive down costs.
Targeted at audio/video receivers, home theaters, surround sound
decoders, mini stereo systems, digital TV audio systems and automotive
audio systems, the DSP56371 is designed to meet the demands of audio
electronics system designers by supporting the decoders, such as Dolby, THX and DTS, among others.
According to a statement released by Motorola: “The DSP56371 is capable of running delay management, bass management and DTS96/24 while using less than half of the DSP’s computing capability.”
Samples and development tools for the DSP56371 are expected to be available in late first quarter, 2003, with production expected to begin in third quarter of this year.