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Mount Wilson Stations Breathe Easier

Firefighters feel more confident communication structures on Mount Wilson will be okay

Photo by Bexx Brown-Spinelli
Updated:Investigators Blame Arson for L.A. Fire

Firefighters are feeling more confident that communication structures on Mount Wilson will be okay; Wildfires had threatened the transmission sites for a total of more than 40 radio and TV stations, cell towers, as well as an historic observatory on the mountain since last week.

“We’re pretty confident,” said Los Angeles County Fire Inspector Edward Osorio. “Mount Wilson is going to be OK,” reported the Los Angeles Times, which covered the five-day battle to save the site.

However that sentiment conflicts with an account for the fire teams who say the fire is still changing direction and firefighters remained concerned about Mount Wilson, as the flames were about 40% contained on Thursday. Firefighters dug trenches, sprayed water and set opposing fires to clear out old brush that the wildfires could have used as fuel while planes dropped fire retardant chemicals overhead.

Various news reports indicate no broadcast station facilities were seriously harmed by the fires, though CBS Radio did change transmission for four FMs to a back-up site as a precaution and is now transmitting again from Mount Wilson.

The CGC Communicator reported various engineers have been able to check on their Mount Wilson transmission sites, and had minimal or no damage to report.

Sister publication Television Broadcast and CGC Communicator carry an account about the destruction written by Larry Lopez of Angeles Crest Services, a firm that does maintenance on Mount Wilson.

KPCC, one of six public stations with transmitters on the mountain, created a Web site for the wildfire coverage.

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