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MPR Says Its Studios Experience Light-Rail Vibrations

Pubcaster, city of St. Paul working to find solution

Minnesota Public Radio says vibrations from traffic crossing tracks for St. Paul’s new light rail line are affecting its audio.

“The floor is vibrating, the ceiling is shaking, the structure is making noise and that affects the recordings,” MPR/APR CTO/VP for Operations Nick Kereakos tells the Star Tribune.

The city and MPR are trying to find a solution before new line opens June 14.

“We’re in ongoing conversations with MPR to improve vibrations caused on passing traffic on East 7th Street,” Mark Fuhrmann, the Met Council’s rail projects director, tells the news outlet.

The council covered the cost of installing insulated windows at MPR in 2012 to block out street noise and in 2009 it agreed to install a $1 million concrete slab over hard rubber pads outside MPR, according to the account.