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MRC Accredits Triton’s Local Webcast Measurement

Agencies applaud apples-to-apples measurement

The Media Rating Council has accredited Triton Digital’s WebCast Metrics Local product. WCML is a market-specific version similar to Triton’s national streaming measurement product, which is also MRC-accredited.

The audience measurement firm says the MRC requires each WCML publisher to undergo a separate audit of their user-declared geographic and demographic listener data. As the first customer using Triton’s market-specific product, Pandora has completed the publisher audit and has been integrated into WCML, says Triton. Additional publishers are in the pipeline.

With Triton’s market-specific streaming data, agencies and advertisers can evaluate audience scale with typical audio metrics, according to the company.

The implication of the MRC accreditation is that streaming audio and traditional radio now have an apples-to-apples comparison from the media buyers’ standpoint in specific markets, according to Triton. “ This greatly simplifies the process of quantifying audiences for agencies, allowing them to compare audio ad delivery across platforms,” said Triton Digital COO, Mike Agovino. New publisher additions will further accelerate the growth of the digital audio ad marketplace he predicts.

Media buying agency Starcom EVP Local Marketplaces Kevin Gallagher says the change will enable “better buying decisions.”