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Mt. Rushmore Fined $60,000

Missing issues/program lists from Wyoming stations’ public files trip up broadcaster

The FCC fined Mt. Rushmore Broadcasting a total of $60,000 for public inspection file violations. The commission also upgraded a penalty for Pierre Nixon Jean for operating a pirate station.

The Mt. Rushmore case involves four FMs in the Casper, Wyo. market: KASS, KHOC, KMLD and KQLT. During an inspection in 2011, FCC agents found the stations’ public inspection files were each missing at least 20 issues/program lists since the stations’ licenses were last renewed in 2005.

The broadcaster has 30 days to submit a sworn statement to the commission detailing actions the radio owner has taken to come into compliance; Mt. Rushmore also has 30 days to appeal, or pay the fines.

Jean’s previous $15,000 fine for operating an unauthorized station on 92.5 MHz in West Palm Beach, Fla. has been upgraded to a forfeiture because he didn’t respond to the original notice, according to the commission. He too, has 30 days to pay, but if he does not, his case may be turned over to the Justice Department for collection.