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MTI-Milliren Releases New Oscillator

MTI-Milliren Releases New Oscillator

MTI Milliren Technologies introduces an Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator product series that is designed to rival rubidium clock performance.
The 270 series double oven OCXO drops into a standard European CO-08 footprint and is available with an output frequency between 4.8 to 90 MHz. Using a full-size TO-8 quartz resonator, the oscillator performs to the stability required for Stratum II and IIIe, GPS and TDMA PCS applications.
The units have been designed for high volume production. They are tested for thermal stability, aging output level and spectral purity, phase noise, short-term stability, warm-up and continuous power, reference voltage and electrical tuning range. A low active component count is designed to promote reliability.
b. m. cox