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Mulally: Auto Industry “Absolutely” Loves Radio

Former Ford executive discusses medium’s future in the dashboard

The auto industry “absolutely” still loves radio.

That’s according to former Ford CEO Alan Mulally who’s now on the board of Google.

Speaking to a packed session here in Indianapolis, Mullally said regarding the changing technology in the car, that includes HD Radio. “Consumers are looking for more intimate and personal relationships with media. We’ve got global platforms.”

“From an auto point of view, AM/FM receivers are not expensive. Adding HD has been a little expense,” he said, but “going forward miniaturization is coming and will make” the components “more affordable,” according to the former Ford executive.

Using Ford Sync the automaker can offer drivers entertainment from AM/FM, HD Radio, satellite radio, Pandora and other internet audio services.

Consumers will continue to see more automation in the car, including safety systems, digital technology, Mulally said. “We have the technology to make vehicles and drivers more efficient and safer.”