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Mulhaupt Resigns From BBG Board

Four seats to be open

Another seat is about to be vacated on the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

Member Dennis Mulhaupt has sent a resignation letter to the White House. A release described Mulhaupt as serving as alternate presiding governor, chair of the BBG Governance Committee and chair of the board of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

This means the board now has four empty seats. Dana Perino resigned in January; Embers Wimbush resigned last May; and former Chairman Walter Isaacson resigned early in 2012.

Mulhaupt had been appointed to the board on July 2, 2010 to fill out an expiring term. When that term ended on August 13, 2011 he continued to serve and would until officially replaced by a new governor. Previous to the board he had had a career in finance, education administration and nonprofit, including serving as executive vice president for KCET(FM) in Los Angeles.

In his resignation letter Mulhaupt said: “Over my tenure I, along with some of my board colleagues, have consistently advocated for necessary and far-reaching reform of the governance structure and organization of U. S. international broadcasting (USIB). My belief in the importance and need for these reforms has only grown stronger the longer I have served.”

He added, “I hope that the administration and Congress will address soon the urgent issues facing USIB and the BBG, the components of which do such vital work advancing freedom and human rights in many countries throughout the world.”