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Music, Event Scheduling System for Windows

Music, Event Scheduling System for Windows

JT Communications recently released Automatronix, a music- and event-scheduling program for Windows that contains all necessary modules.
Automatronix is customized for music broadcast, Internet radio and talk radio formats. A CD-ripper and file tagger program simplifies the installation and identification of files into the user’s storage medium.
Modes of operation include manual, live assist, play-once, repeat and random. There are six programmable hotkeys, and multiple hotkeys can be operated simultaneously.
It is possible to change/add/remove formats, songs or events on the fly. Program log generation logs all files played. A built-in playlist generator can be used in the background. Events independent of a playlist can be run regardless of songs on air. This is useful on talk radio networks where music is not normally scheduled during airtime.
Price: $549.95.
For more information from JT Communications, contact the company in Florida at (352) 236-0744 or visit on the World Wide Web.