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Music Master Partners with Promo Only MPE

Music Master Partners with Promo Only MPE

Promo Only and technology partner Destiny Media Technologies say the MusicMaster for Windows scheduling system from A-Ware Software will be supported by the Promo Only MPE digital distribution system, which is free to radio.
MusicMaster for Windows is intended for radio stations, but also generates music schedules for music television networks, satellite and cable networks, Internet streaming channels and radio consultants. The software will be incorporated into the Promo Only MPE system for optional use.
Promo Only MPE also supports Scott Studios broadcast automation software.
Additionally, Mediabase, a division of Premiere Radio Networks, entered into a partnership with Promo Only, whereby the MPE system will be implemented into its system.
Promo Only MPE locks down the distributed tracks and allows labels to specifically authorize their content to a specific user. Each song is encrypted; only those with Promo Only MPE software can access it. Users can access their account on multiple machines.
Radio stations can request an account for the MPE service by filling out the online form at