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Myat Promotes ‘Lo-Loss Solution’

Says its approach to combining is significantly more efficient.

In Austin at the NAB Radio Show, Myat showed a technology for IBOC applications that it says lets broadcasters achieve high-level combining without heavy loss.

It said its IBOC “Lo-Loss Solution” uses filters to combine digital and analog transmitters more efficiently than current combining techniques.

“It’s an ideal solution for the proposed digital power –10 dB below the analog host carrier or for the current –20 dB power level,” Myat stated. “As an example, radio broadcasters can achieve up to 86% efficiency for digital insertion — a massive improvement over current high-level combining methods.”

President Phil Cindrich said in the announcement that the digital path efficiency “allows broadcasters to rethink their transmission facilities, power budgets and the capital expenditures associated with a build. It may also provide those who have already built a –20 dB down facility a path to –10 dB down, without having to break the bank for additional TPO capacity, or costly rework of their existing electrical service and cooling systems.”