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Myers Updates ProTrack

Broadcast management software for TV and radio is streamlined

Myers Information Systems says that its ProTrack broadcast traffic, business and content management suite has been upgraded.

Version 6.07 covers both TV and radio platforms. Myers says that the new version is built on a more powerful SQL database management engine so it should “further streamline facility workflows and incorporate numerous functionality and user-experience enhancements.”

The company says that for the radio platform there is a new single or multichannel “Master” template; there is improved “As-Run” functionality; an enhanced Broadcast Log toolbar is available; and there are new Channel Groups to assign Spot/Interstitial eligibility.

For the TV version there is a new Log Manager to centralize logging tasks; a new Consolidated Interstitial Search screen; customizable Interstitial Field defaults; and streamlined Scheduling Grid screens.

Myers President and CEO Crist Myers said: “Many enhancements are ‘behind the curtain,’ especially the migration of ProTrack’s core architecture to a more robust and capable database structure; it’s a fundamental shift that enables more advanced techniques for growth and expansion, especially at the Enterprise level.”