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MySimBook’s Free Bite of the Apple

Radiolicious will be focus of a 'daily encouragement campaign.'

MySimBook is promoting its new Radiolicious native application player as a way for mobile radio listeners to tune in local stations anywhere an iPhone or iPod Touch is connected.

The company also says it has pending agreements to promote adoption of Radiolicious by affiliates of two national broadcast networks. “This daily encouragement campaign is a strategic move to grab a share of the mobile marketplace at time when traditional radio budgets are being cut by advertisers,” it stated.

The company pitches Radiolicious to broadcasters who stream signals as a way to expand their listener base and generate new revenue streams from mobile awareness-based advertising.

MySimBook says its offering is aimed at the market of young people “who are getting accustomed to having a mobile mall of new, entertaining and interactive content on their portable devices.”

There is no cost to users, who link to iTunes and download the application player. Stations receive the hardware, software and set-up at no cost, then pay a monthly service fee.

The company hopes stations will create their own “user experience” separate from the radio signal through interactive campaigns, contests and listener-loyalty programs.