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‘MySXM’ Now in Beta Testing

Users would personalize existing music channels with sliders

The connected dashboard has the attention of SiriusXM’s new CEO Jim Meyer.

Meyer recently replaced Mel Karmazin. In discussing the satellite radio company’s latest financials with Wall Street analysts, Meyer mentioned a personalized Internet listening option called MySXM, which is now in consumer beta.

MySXM users use slider controls to rate music by how familiar they are with a song, to personalize existing SiriusXM music stations, according to various accounts.

When available, MySXM would be available on iOS, Android and the Web.

Karmazin first announced the service last year.

Meyer said the company is “committed to ensuring Sirius XM’s long-term leadership in audio and data services, particularly in vehicles, and we will do that by continuing to innovate and improve our technology, programming, and customer care,” according to Seeking Alpha.

The company added more than two million net subscribers in 2012, and now has 23.9 million paying customers. Meyer cites higher than expected auto sales for the bump which was larger than expected.