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NAB Also Says Move Now on IBOC

NAB Also Says Move Now on IBOC

In its latest remarks to the FCC about digital radio, the NAB says now is the time
for the commission to take expeditious action authorizing interim IBOC operation.
Even as it proceeds with development of final service rules and adoption of a single technical standard, the NAB argues, and even as further testing of AM IBOC nighttime operations is conducted, the commission should ensure the rapid introduction of DAB.
“By authorizing such interim IBOC operations, the commission can facilitate introduction of IBOC service and provide for real-world experience with IBOC
operations, particularly within the difficult AM environment.”
The NAB said that AM IBOC, in particular, will allow a dramatic, “perhaps a
transformative” change in AM quality.
“Achieving these benefits in the difficult AM environment may require acceptance of more interference than would be acceptable in a more desirable listening environment, such as FM.”