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NAB Announces Lineup for Mobile World Symposium

It’s called “Capturing the Moment Through Mobile and Broadcast”

The National Association of Broadcasters has released the full lineup of 30 speakers for the two-day symposium NAB Show @ Mobile World Congress, “Capturing the Moment Through Mobile and Broadcast.”

The symposium will feature industry figures, including Paul Brenner, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Emmis Communications Corp.; Scott Burnell, global lead for business development and management, Ford Motor Co.; Bernhard Grill, head of audio department, Fraunhofer IIS; and Michelle Munson, president and co-founder, Aspera, Inc. The keynote speaker is James McQuivey, a Forrester Research analyst studying digital disruption’s impact and potential business opportunities.

The speakers will discuss how broadcasters and wireless providers can collaborate to expand business opportunities and to satisfy consumer expectations. The symposium will focus on how live events generate attention and how advances in mobile devices, social networks and apps give individuals new ways to consume, share and experience events.

Sessions include “Is the Smartphone the Future of Radio?,” “How Mobile Video Is Changing the Broadcast Industry” and “The Automobile, the Smartphone and Broadcast Media.”

“We have carefully curated a program to address technology advances that will enhance global business opportunities for broadcasters and wireless operators,” said John Marino vice president of technology at NAB.

The symposium, sponsored by Ericsson, will be held Feb. 25–26 as part of mPowered Industries at the 2014 event in Barcelona.