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NAB Counts 251 House, 25 Senate Votes

That's its latest whip count on the topic of a performance royalty

The National Association of Broadcasters believes it now has 251 House and 25 Senate votes on its side of the fight over a performance royalty.

The association said its Hill support “continues to grow, despite an unprecedented lobbying campaign by RIAA,” in the words of EVP Dennis Wharton.

According to NAB’s tally, Sens. Mary Landrieu and John Thune as well as Reps. Dennis Cardoza, John Boccieri, Brian Baird, Joe Sestak and Daniel Lungren are on board as co-sponsors of the legislation it backs.

NAB also continues to point out instances where record labels have touted the benefits of radio exposure, this week citing an e-mail from Universal Music to stations thanking them for playing Taylor Swift and Jaysean.