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NAB CTO Invites Broadcasters to Be Uncomfortable

Matheny's BEC keynote address celebrates broadcast innovation

At the keynote address for the NAB 2016 Broadcast Engineering Conference, NAB Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Sam Matheny asked attendees not to be comfortable with the status quo and accomplishments in broadcasting and strive to increase innovation. “I believe it is precisely when we are uncomfortable that we learn and grow the most. We can’t sit idle when we’re uncomfortable. We need to do something about it.”

In that context, Matheny shared the vision statement for the NAB Technology Department: “We improve lives through broadcast technology, and broadcaster innovation” citing HD Radio as one of those developments.

Though most of the speech focused on ATSC 3.0 and television, Matheny honored NAB Vice President for Science and Technology John Marino, who is retiring at the end of 2016 after 25 years of service. “His [Marino’s] network of people is simply amazing. To be able to work with John and to learn from him has really been a treat for me. Don’t say goodbye to John, say see you next year.” The presentation included a video tribute to the late Ernie Jones, principal of Consolidated Engineering, who died earlier this year.

Matheny said Jones’ love for broadcasting was shared. That love (of broadcasting) drives broadcasters “to be the best, most reliable source of information for the communities, and nations that we serve. It is why we put in the long hours, suffer the details, create, innovate and deliver solutions that matter.”