NAB Exhibitor Viewpoint: Dan McQuillin, Broadcast Bionics

Learning from the efficiency and integration that radio’s tight budgets and rapid workflows demand
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Dan McQuillin, Broadcast Bionics

The spring NAB Show is approaching. Between now and then Radio World will conduct several short Q&As with manufacturers about their plans and offerings, to help you get the most out of the big annual trade show. Dan McQuillin is managing director for Broadcast Bionics.

Radio World: How has business been for the company since last year’s NAB Show?
Dan McQuillin: We have been fortunate to enjoy our busiest year yet, working on some great projects with customers all over the world. Broadcasters are investing in particular in our social media and visualization technology to help them deliver some innovative and exciting experiences on new platforms.

RW: What new goodies will your company be showing? Why should attendees visit your booth?
McQuillin: We know visitors come to NAB looking for groundbreaking ideas so we have designed the Broadcast Bionics booth, N2538, to give both engineers and program makers an exciting, fully functioning vision of how radio can adapt and thrive in the years ahead. Our “social” studio demonstrates both innovative live studio tools and post production workflows to make content hugely more discoverable, shareable and rapidly repurposed across multiple platforms. Even by Las Vegas standards we promise a jaw dropping experience.

RW: What is the biggest problem or challenge facing users in your market segment right now?
McQuillin: We are increasingly helping users not just to generate great compelling, interactive, original content but providing the tools to readily repurpose, publish and share content making “radio” deliverable, shareable and discoverable across all of the platforms broadcasters must now publish to. The challenge we focus on is keeping the radio workflow simple, fast (and dare I say cheap!) while also delivering all these additional objectives.

RW: What do you anticipate will be the most significant technology trend at the 2016 NAB Show?
McQuillin: Personalization and social. Both advertisers and consumers are looking for an experience that is tailored to their needs and content that is shareable with their friends.

RW: Social media is the new marketing frontier these days. Is it affecting the way your company does marketing/business?
McQuillin: Broadcast Bionics has been at the forefront of using social to connect audiences and artists with broadcasters. We have rebuilt our website and communications strategy this year to use video and social media to keep our distributors and customers up to date with our developments between trade shows.

RW: How has IP technology affected your company?
McQuillin: We have worked with Axia and Lawo in pioneering advanced IP audio workflows with both Livewire+ and AES67. As well as the obvious benefits in flexibility and scalability, we are now demonstrating how we can leverage virtualization and deeply integrate information, audio and control into software workflows to deliver the next step change in IP usability, power and efficiency.

RW: What are you hearing from your customers about their business outlook this year?
McQuillin: So far we are seeing further growth for our business and significant additional investment from broadcasters into infrastructure to deliver the content and platform experiences consumers are demanding.

RW: In what areas should we expect growth or the most interesting projects?
McQuillin: The virtual radio technology we have developed alongside BBC local radio for their ViLor project will roll out this year. This showcases the next generation of IP and will be a template that many will adopt in the years ahead. It’s fun when you see the future go from the lab to live.

RW: What do you think about the new hall/floor layout this year?
McQuillin: I hope it will allow radio and audio to have its own space and identity. Radio needs and deserves its own, focused space. TV has a lot to learn from the efficiency and integration that radio’s tight budgets and rapid workflows demand — I hope they come to the North hall to see how it’s done!

RW: You’re a show veteran, what's your favorite thing about the show? Least favorite thing?
McQuillin: It’s a great platform to share our vision and passion for radio. But I learn much more when I listen than when I speak, so it is also an exciting opportunity to hear from and understand our customers from across the industry and around the world. The worst part is that the dry desert air means I will have no voice left by Wednesday so it is all listening after that.

NAB Show Booth: N2538

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