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NAB Expresses Concern Over Broadband Plans

‘We would oppose any attempt to impose onerous new spectrum fees’

Here is what the National Association of Broadcasters had to say officially about the FCC’s National Broadband Plan.

NAB noted that the plan will call for reallocation of 120 MHz of broadcast TV spectrum. It issued a statement from NAB Executive Vice President Dennis Wharton:

“NAB intends to work with the FCC and Congress to build a communications system that benefits all Americans. We will examine closely the details of the National Broadband Plan, and encourage members of Congress to do the same.

“As the original wireless technology, broadcasters provide a ‘one-to-everyone’ communications service that provides news, entertainment and lifeline information to millions of Americans in daily life and times of crisis.

“We were pleased by initial indications from FCC members that any spectrum reallocation would be voluntary, and were therefore prepared to move forward in a constructive fashion on that basis. However, we are concerned by reports today that suggest many aspects of the plan may in fact not be as voluntary as originally promised. Moreover, as the nation’s only communications service that is free, local and ubiquitous, we would oppose any attempt to impose onerous new spectrum fees on broadcasters.

“Finally, we strongly support congressional efforts to conduct an inventory of all available spectrum, and believe that no reallocation plan should move forward without a complete accounting of how the airwaves are allocated, licensed and used.”