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NAB Garners Presidential Thanks for Hurricane Response

NAB Garners Presidential Thanks for Hurricane Response

President Bush has thanked NAB for its efforts in response to Hurricane Katrina.
“The good works of the NAB demonstrate the character and great strength of our nation,” wrote the president.
NAB noted that it held an emergency board meeting three days after Katrina struck the Gulf Coast. Members voted to contribute $1 million in cash to the American Red Cross, pledged to raise $100 million on Sept. 9 – BroadcastUnity Day – when stations devoted airtime for fundraising appeals.
At the radio show in Philadelphia last week, NAB said it exceeded the original goal and was approaching $200 million.
NAB also bought 10,000 battery-operated radios for distribution to Gulf Coast residents by local Salvation Army and Red Cross personnel, and purchased 1,300 battery-operated TV sets for distribution to public safety providers in Louisiana and Mississippi
through the Louisiana and Mississippi Association of Broadcasters.