NAB Honors John Reiser With Engineering Achievement Award

NAB Honors John Reiser With Engineering Achievement Award
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John Reiser is the winner of the NAB's Radio Engineering Achievement Award. He retired in 2000 as a senior broadcast engineer with the FCC's International Bureau.
In announcing the honor, NAB stated, "He played a significant role in many landmark rulings during his 39 years at the FCC, including the standardization of the FCC national program for broadcast station inspections in the 1970s, the 1976 revision of the broadcast rules and regulations and the reorganization of the Broadcast Bureau into what is now the Media Bureau.
"From 1986-2000," it continued, "he served as the U.S. chairman of the technical study groups on broadcasting that participate in the standards and conference preparatory work of the International Telecommunications Union and represented the U.S. at numerous international meetings on broadcasting issues."
Reiser was commended for his knowledge of FCC rules, hands-on experience and day-to-day contact with broadcast stations. NAB said he was a "critical resource to the industry in helping broadcasters comply with the FCC rules."
Last year's winner was Paul Schafer. The television award winner is Robert Eckert, branch chief of the Electromagnetic Compatibility Division, Technical Analysis Branch of the Office of Engineering and Technology at the FCC. He began his career at the FCC specializing in radio propagation prediction, spectrum efficiency and frequency-assignment algorithms. He has since been involved in spectrum planning for advanced television. The winners will be feted during the NAB convention in April.


NAB Honors John Reiser

After hundreds of facility inspections and regulatory meetings, he is being honored for his 39 years of service at the FCC with the NAB Engineering Achievement Award