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NAB Launches NoPerformanceTax.Org

Association beefs up its fight

As part of its battle against a performance royalty on copyrighted music, the National Association of Broadcasters has created a Web site devoted to the issue.

At the site, radio stations can download spots opposing the performance royalty and find online banner ads to use on station Web sites as well as sample letters to members of Congress. The site provides users with background info on the issue from broadcasters’ perspective, video clips from congressional hearings and Capitol Hill events, NAB news releases and news media coverage of the performance tax issue.

The front page of the site boasts an interactive graphic made up of hundreds of gold and platinum albums on display in radio stations. The gold and platinum albums are customarily presented by record labels to local radio stations as a sign of appreciation for promoting their music and propelling album sales.

“Olympians aren’t the only ones who bring home the gold,” the Web site tells visitors. “Local radio stations provide billions of dollars in promotional value to artists and record labels. In appreciation, the record labels bestow upon radio stations ‘gold’ and ‘platinum’ albums to show their gratitude.”

NAB said station personnel who want a log-in to access material in the Broadcaster Action Center area of the Web site should contact Maureen Walker.