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NAB Mails Mock ‘Performance Tax’ Invoices to Make Point

Did you get an unexpected invoice from NAB recently?

Did you get an unexpected invoice from NAB recently?

The association mailed a mock bill to some 13,000 local radio stations. The point was to demonstrate the potential impact of a so-called “performance tax” and get local stations involved in NAB’s efforts to oppose the RIAA efforts.

The call-to-action mailer, which “bills” the recipient radio station for “the privilege of promoting the record labels music free of charge and lining recording industry executives’ pockets,” encourages radio station operators to urge their member of Congress to oppose a performance task on local radio stations.

Members of Congress take a break in August. In the flier, NAB urges station executives to meet with their lawmakers who are returning to their congressional districts this month.

What’s next? Some critics of the RIAA have said half-jokingly that perhaps radio stations should bill performers and labels for air time and exposure.

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