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NAB Marconi Award Finalist Profiles: WKRQ(FM)

Station says it likes to think outside of the box and take risks

The National Association of Broadcasters has announced the finalists for the 2015 Marconi Awards, which will be handed out Oct. 1, during the NAB Marconi Awards Dinner & Show taking place during the 2015 Radio Show in Atlanta.

As the start of the 2015 Radio Show approaches, we look to offer a profile for some of the stations that were named finalists for the Marconi Awards. This week, Program Director Patti Marshall from WKRQ(FM) in Cincinnati offers a look at this Large Market Station finalist.

The Fun-Loving Crew at WKRQ

Radio World: Briefly describe your station’s history, current ownership and format?
Patti Marshall: WKRQ signed on in 1972 and is one of Cincinnati’s longest running stations. It is currently owned by Hubbard Broadcasting and is hot AC.

RW: What’s the station’s slogan?
Marshall: Cincinnati’s Hit Music

RW: Why do you think WKRQ was among the finalists in the Legendary Station of the Year? What makes WKRQ stand out from the other finalists?
Marshall: WKRQ was nominated because we are consistent in ratings, revenue, air talent and community service. We work very hard and our nomination reflects this. WKRQ also stands out because of its staff … .loyal, passionate and talented staff which is reflected in all areas of the WKRQ brand. We also like to lead, not follow.

RW: What is the radio culture like at the station? What words would radio people who work there use about it?
Marshall: It is a family atmosphere with mutual respect and support across all departments. We are also very creative and like to think outside of the box and take risks. We have live on-air talent, and deeply care about our listeners and community. We listen to what our listeners want and respond to those needs and desires. Everyone that works at WKRQ shares a common thread and we are all very passionate and loyal to the radio station/brand. We are a radio station where people want to work, and the ones that do work here, never leave.

RW: What’s the most unusual thing the station has done lately that typifies its personality or mission?
Marshall: We recently created mother-daughter on-air promotions/giveaways. This was very strategic on our part … It’s not just a ticket giveaway to Ed Sheeran. We created the mother-daughter concept so that moms and daughters would be able to connect, spend time with each other, and share in their love of music. We wanted to give them the opportunity to create lifelong memories and bond. There is a bigger purpose behind the promotion than just a ticket giveaway.

RW: Who makes up the Leadership roles at the station — GM, PD, SM, chief engineer, digital platform manager and others?
Marshall: General Manager/Market Manager is Mike Fredrick; Program Director is Patti Marshall; Sales Manager is Lisa Thal; Chief Engineer is Ben Spitler; and Digital Manager is Stephanie Henkener.

RW: Anything else people need to know about the station?
Marshall: WKRQ is Cincinnati’s number one station for women 25–54, number one morning show for women 25–54, number one cuming station 6 +, second FM billing station according to Miller Kaplan. It’s been NAB Radio Marconi Large Market Station of the Year Finalist — 2011, 2012; NAB Radio Crystal Award Winner — 2009, 2012; NAB Radio Crystal Award Finalist — 2008, 2011, 2015.

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