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NAB Prepares for Performance Royalty Talks

Lobbying group forms committee to begin initial talks

NAB is thinking ahead to the next round of performance royalty negotiations.

The trade group confirms it’s formed a committee to begin preliminary discussions on the topic since the industry’s current deal with performance rights and royalties processor SoundExchange expires at the end of 2015.

The group is headed by Beasley Broadcast CFO Caroline Beasley, who was involved in previous negotiations in 2010 when she chaired the NAB Radio Board.

NAB EVP Dennis Wharton said the group would begin “preliminary discussions” and whatever digital music streaming radio rate decision the group develops would be subject to review by the Copyright Royalty Board.

“We have a fiduciary responsibility to our member stations to be proactive on this issue and help radio sustain growth and better serve our millions of listeners,” said Wharton.

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