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NAB, RAB, HD-R Alliance Launch Marketing Campaign

Broadcast leaders hope you’ll be seeing a lot more of “Radio Heard Here.”

One of the biggest banners on the front of the Las Vegas Convention Center this week read “Radio Heard Here.”

Broadcast leaders hope you’ll be seeing a lot more of that phrase. You can get an idea of the flavor of the campaign are posted at its Web site.

The NAB, RAB and HD Digital Radio Alliance announced during the show that they’ve joined forces in a marketing campaign to highlight radio to consumers.

The ad campaign aims to communicate that radio reaches more than 235 million people on a weekly basis with news, entertainment and information.

Additional aspects will focus on PR to create consumer awareness, highlight “playlist diversity” and the industry’s growing emphasis on new technologies.

RAB President/CEO Jeff Haley feels radio is experiencing a programming “renaissance” in programming and noted that 90% of Americans say it plays an important role in their lives.

HD Digital Radio Alliance President/CEO Peter Ferrara rattled off more reasons radio should be seen as hot: “Our investment in HD-R technology, the embrace of online streaming content, the convergence of radio with such modern devices as mobile phones and MP3 players — these and other efforts demonstrate our broad commitment to keeping radio a current and relevant part of the nation’s cultural landscape.”

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