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NAB Radio Board Supports Leaving Codec Out of IBOC Standard

NAB Radio Board Supports Leaving Codec Out of IBOC Standard

The standards-setting body, the National Radio Systems Committee, and Ibiquity Digital have been going back and forth over how much information Ibiquity needs to divulge so the NRSC can set its IBOC, or HD Radio, standard. Ibiquity has said that its new HDC codec is proprietary and unique. NAB SVP Science and Technology Lynn Claudy told the board Ibiquity is unable to disclose the technical details of the codec, in turn, delaying the standards-setting process.
The board decided to recommend that the NRSC should pursue “modulation and transmission” standards for AM and FM HD Radio, standards that include provisions for advanced data applications. All of these are elements Ibiquity can disclose, the technology developer told Radio World.
The codec would be left out of the standard, so “audio compression methods thus would be subject to selection by market forces,” according to board minutes released by NAB.
Ibiquity says the HDC codec would still be included in the technology it licenses to broadcasters.