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NAB Radio Show to Host Technical Sessions

NAB Radio Show to Host Technical Sessions

Three technical workshops for education and training will be available at the 2002 NAB Radio show, allowing participants to earn a certification in AM/FM antenna and transmission and digital radio issues by attending. Attendance is usable as SBE recertification credit. The show will be held in Seattle, Sept. 12-14. The AM/FM Antenna Certification Workshop will focus on AM and FM antennas, addressing operation and maintenance from a practical perspective and providing tips for troubleshooting and preventing problems. The Digital Radio Certification Workshop will provide an update on the status of IBOC DAB, the basics of IBOC implementation and new information on how to go digital at minimal cost. The AM/FM Transmission Certification Workshop will review the basic building blocks of transmitters, and help attendees hone their troubleshooting skills while examining a variety of real-world transmitter failures. A panel of experts from the major transmitter manufacturers will discuss maintenance tips. The workshop will also feature a session on preparing transmitter sites for IBOC. More info: