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NAB Responds to FCC on Wireless Mics

Pitches proposal to limit placement of TV stations into duplex gap

The NAB has sent a letter to the FCC concerning the future placement of spectrum for wireless microphone use.

Last year the RF spectrum for wireless microphone systems was repurposed for other devices and wireless mics were given another spectrum, the so-called duplex gap (in unlicensed wireless spectrum). However, recently the FCC said it might place TV stations into the same space in certain markets.

NAB EVP and General Counsel Rick Kaplan writes, “The National Association of Broadcasters urges the commission to uphold the widely-supported compromise it adopted in the incentive auction order that dedicates the 600 MHz duplex gap for unlicensed uses and wireless microphones used to cover breaking news and local and national emergencies. It is unclear why, 14 months after the FCC adopted this compromise, commission staff now believes it essential to impair the duplex gap with TV stations in certain markets across the country.”

Speaking for the NAB, Kaplan outlines a detailed compromise restricting the placement of stations into the band to six markets, preferably outside the top 25.