NAB Show Looks at HD-R EPG

Latest in efforts to encourage development of an Electronic Program Guide
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One of the more interesting sessions at this week’s NAB Radio Show in Philadelphia might be "Electronic Program Guide Update."

The session promises to bring attendees up to date on the latest from lab and field trials of a prospective EPG for HD Radio stations.

Field trials are being conducted in the Boston market. Aspects being examined include system architecture, business requirements and interactivity. Stations in the Worcester, Mass., and Providence, R.I., markets are also participating in an effort to gauge the mobile aspects of the EPG.

Moderator Rick Ducey, chief strategy officer of BIA/Kelsey, will lead a panel that includes David Maxson and Steve Riggs of Broadcast Signal Lab and Adrian Cross of Unique Interactive. Also taking part is Skip Pizzi, a consultant to the NAB FASTROAD development effort, who also is RW’s contributing editor. (RW is not involved in the project.)

Pizzi said, "This will be a real ‘coming out party’ for the EPG project, with a presentation of results from development efforts and on-air trials to date. The conference presentation will highlight all this information, and the demos at Booth 310 will present live looks both at EPG content generated on-site and from the ongoing over-the-air trials in Boston."


BE Demos HD Radio EPG

At NAB2007, in collaboration with HD Radio developers iBiquity Digital Corp., Broadcast Electronics (BE) demonstrated an electronic program guide (EPG) for HD Radio IBOC digital radio.

A Look at 'Truthiness' in HD-R

It's becoming a trend: Articles in major newspapers express the industry's HD Radio hopes besides the writer's natural skepticism. In this case, that skepticism is best expressed in the title of a July 3 piece in the Boston Herald: "Listen up: HD Radio struggling to be heard."

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Is EPG on a Fast Road for Radio?

EPG on HD Radio started with an NAB project called FASTROAD, or Flexible Advanced Services for Television & Radio on All Devices. The NAB signed a contract with BIA Financial Network Inc. and its partner Broadcast Signal Lab to create a practical system for an electronic program guide for local broadcasters in the United States.