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NAB Sneak Peek: V-Soft Shows New Microwave Pro

Version 2 uses NSMA OH loss model

Radio frequency propagation analysis and measurement software developer V-Soft will have a new version of its Microwave Pro microwave frequency allocation and path analysis program. The program is useful for Broadcast Auxiliary Services, Part 101, COALS and CARS projects, according to V-Soft.

New to Microwave Pro 2 is the usage of the NSMA OH loss model, the industry standard, the company says.

The program will calculate C/I ratios that consider terrain obstructions, plot terrain profiles of all protected and interfering paths and provide a map showing the geometry of protected and interfering paths.

Newly added is a point study that allows users to analyze specific trouble spots such as wind farms and calculate their prospective impact on microwave paths.

It performs frequency searches for the part 101 and the broadcast auxiliaries frequencies and will provide all elements for prior coordination mailings to affected licenses.

NAB Show Booth: C2917