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NAB Sneak Peek: WideOrbit Releases Streaming Suite

Analytical tools join streaming playout tools

NAB Show audiences will see what WideOrbit’s acquisition of Abacast really brought to the company when they get a look at the newly released WO Streaming.

WO Streaming is more than a simple streaming platform. WideOrbit has made it compatible with the WO family. Besides the expected tools for streaming playout and content management, there are modules for an ad server, monetization and advanced streaming ad sales, ad targeting, all sorts of analytics and reporting along with media players and mobile apps builders.

WO Streaming also has its own dedicated ad sales network to take advantage of a centralized streaming network for smaller operators who don’t have the resources for an independent sales arm. WideOrbit also pitches WO Streaming to podcasters.

WideOrbit Founder and CEO Eric R. Mathewson said, “The integration of WO Streaming into the family of WideOrbit products will continue to simplify the broadcast and streaming business operations of major media companies even as their revenue streams and delivery types become more complex and diffuse.”

He added, “WO Streaming strengthens our offering for radio by providing clients with a solution that enables them to run their businesses from a single comprehensive platform. We will continue to develop solutions that give broadcasters, streamers and integrated media companies the opportunity to make money from traditional and new nonlinear revenue streams.”

NAB Show Booth: N5229, N5829