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NAB Summarizes Results of ‘OK2Talk’

Campaign drives engagement at

The National Association of Broadcasters says local radio and TV stations have donated airtime valued at over $26.4 million for its “OK2Talk” mental health PSA campaign. This totals over 231,050 TV and radio airings.

“Broadcasters’ overwhelming support of this campaign is a testament to the industry’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of viewers and listeners across America,” NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith. “Indeed, the tremendous public engagement in OK2Talk underscores the intense need for meaningful dialogue on mental health.”

The PSA campaign, launched in July, directs listeners to, a Tumblr-based community where those struggling with mental health problems can share personal stories. The campaign encourages conversation about mental health, and the site also includes resources for those seeking help. has seen 713,000 page views, 19,953 followers and 4,500 submissions following the campaign’s launch. The site has also seen more than 64,000 clicks on the “Get Help” button, which takes visitors to and suicide prevention resources.

Other partners in the effort include: Active Minds, Bring Change 2 Mind, Each Mind Matters, Entertainment Industries Council, Mental Health America, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, One Mind for Research and Tumblr.