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NAB Supports New Satellite Radio Bill

NAB Supports New Satellite Radio Bill

NAB President/CEO Eddie Fritts supports the introduction of a bill by two House members, Reps. Chip Pickering and Gene Green, to have the FCC determine whether XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio are following the commission’s intent that the satcasters be a national program service.
“NAB strongly supports the satellite radio legislation introduced by Reps. Pickering and Green,” said Fritts. “Localism is the hallmark of our free, over-the-air radio system, and this bill will ensure that satellite companies be held to the standard upon which their licenses were granted. Local stations are the first responders in times of emergency, and have an unparalleled record of community service. We’re appreciative of the efforts of Reps. Pickering and Green, and we look forward to working with Congress toward the adoption of this legislation.”
At issue for NAB is the local traffic/weather channels introduced recently by XM and Sirius, who say they are abiding by the rules governing their service.