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NAB to FCC: Authorize IBOC Now

NAB to FCC: Authorize IBOC Now

WASHINGTON NAB believes the FCC should immediately endorse Ibiquity Digital Corp.’s AM and FM in-band, on-channel digital audio broadcasting systems. The trade association has suggested the commission authorize interim AM and FM IBOC transmissions, so that the agency and broadcasters “fully understand the benefits and tradeoffs of IBOC technology for the AM and FM bands prior to IBOC standardization and the establishment of final service rules”.
In reply comments filed with the commission, NAB stated, “Immediate interim authorization will allow broadcasters, receiver manufacturers, ancillary (data) service providers and others to further study the performance of IBOC DAB in a real-world environment as IBOC products are readied for the marketplace.”
After the interim period, NAB believes, the FCC should adopt Ibiquity’s AM and FM technology as the single technical standard for digital broadcasting in this country and develop appropriate service rules.
AM IBOC daytime service rules require further evaluation, but need not delay action to immediately authorize interim AM and FM IBOC operation, NAB stated, while nighttime AM IBOC should be studied further.