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NAB to FCC: Make XM, Sirius Disclose Repeater Plans

NAB to FCC: Make XM, Sirius Disclose Repeater Plans

NAB has again urged the FCC to make XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio disclose their intentions with respect to their terrestrial repeaters. Both XM and Sirius have said the do not intend to broadcast local content over the repeaters, but last week NAB disclosed that XM had patented a process to use the repeaters for local content.
XM said the patent was routine and reiterated it does not intend to use its repeaters to broadcast local material. Sirius also does not plan to use its repeaters to air local material.
NAB most recently pointed to a published report that stated XM had discussed airing local traffic information with a content provider.
“These two reports are impossible to reconcile, and the commission should expect that XM and Sirius should fully … disclose their intentions concerning providing locally differentiated information before the commission adopts final repeater rules or extends the current repeater STAs,” stated NAB in a letter to the agency.