NAB to FCC: We're Different Than Telephony

NAB to FCC: We're Different Than Telephony
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NAB is not happy that consumer complaints about broadcast indecency and obscenity could be included in the process now used to funnel telephony complaints through the agency. The commission has proposed expanding the telephony consumer complaint process to all industries regulated by the agency.
NAB states in public comments that consumers may be confused by the FCC's use of the terms "objectionable material" and "public apology" - so confused they mistakenly assume the agency "has full authority to regulate and compel responses for all programming complaints, including those outside the scope of indecent or obscene material.


CBS, Infinity See ‘No NAB’ Differently

WASHINGTON Some of the employees of CBS Television and Infinity Broadcasting are still feeling the effects of the resignation of both groups from NAB; but radio employees seem to be enduring more restrictions than their TV brethren.