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NAB Urges FCC to Complete Digital Radio Rules

NAB Urges FCC to Complete Digital Radio Rules

NAB has asked the FCC to move forward with permanent authorization of IBOC, including allowing nighttime operation on AM, so AM service “can become a truly vibrant” service. In comments filed with the agency on digital radio, NAB asked that the commission handle any analog interference resulting from such operation.
The association asked the commission allow dual antenna use without the need to apply for an STA.
Regulation of an audio quality threshold is unnecessary, believes the association and it’s premature to regulate datacasting or secondary audio services, as “market forces should dictate the digital services broadcasters provide, including secondary audio and data services.”
A commission effort to impose fees on ancillary IBOC services could “chill” the IBOC rollout, states NAB.
And on the recording industry’s efforts to ban home recording off digital radios for fear of “indiscriminate recording and Internet redistribution from unencrypted digital radio broadcasts, NAB believes RIAA’s concerns have not been established. While the commission may want to explore the issue, states NAB, it should not slow down permanent authorization of IBOC.