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NAB Uses Nearly $9 Million to Lobby in 2007

The trade group spent about $4.6 million in the second half.

NAB spent nearly $9 million in 2007 to lobby legislators about digital TV, cable and satellite radio issues, the Associated Press reported.

The trade group spent about $4.6 million in the second half of 2007 to lobby the federal government according to a disclosure form posted online by the Senate’s public records office. It spent nearly $4.3 million in the first six months of 2007, the AP reported.

NAB is lobbying against the satellite merger, which broadcasters see as a monopoly. The Justice Department recently approved the buyout, which still requires a decision from the FCC.

Broadcasters are also fighting several high-tech companies that want to use unlicensed and unoccupied TV channels, or “white space,” for high-speed Internet service. The FCC is still testing equipment needed to access and deliver broadband service without interfering with TV programming. The NAB says the technology is unproven and shouldn’t be okayed.

NAB has strongly advocated for a mandate that cable operators carry both digital and analog signals for three years after the February 2009 TV transition to digital. The trade group also used funds to lobby on issues related to radio royalties and media ownership.