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NABA Announces New Director General

Michael McEwen to become director general of North American Broadcasters Association

Robert Briskman, the president of the Board of Directors of the North American Broadcasters Association has announced the appointment of Michael McEwen as the association’s director general.

McEwen, who boasts in-depth broadcast experience comprising a career with CBC/Radio Canada in both production and executive roles, has long been associated with NABA, serving as past director, president and secretary general for the association. He was also a leader in implementing new technologies such as digital HD television in Canada.

“Michael brings to NABA a depth of broadcast experience and understanding of the industry at a time our members are challenged by change in our markets, services, technologies and regulations,” said Briskman. “We look to him to use that experience and consensus making skills to help our members come to unified positions on the issues of the day and to take actions beneficial to our industry.”

McEwen has been director for the past six years and chairman since 2010 of the U.K.-based Media Asset Capital, an industry consultancy group. He resigned from that position and began his work with NABA on March 26. He will take over from retiring Secretary General John Harding.