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NABET-CWA, ABC Have a Deal

NABET-CWA, ABC Have a Deal

Expect a ratification vote by late September, after NABET-CWA and ABC Inc. reached tentative agreement this week on new contracts for bargaining units covering technicians and newswriters, among others. The contracts, covering 10 units, would last into 2007.
“The tentative agreement follows a week of intense off-the-record talks between the parties in Chicago which was subject to a news blackout,” they said in a statement. “Negotiations began in late February, and the contracts expired on May 12.”
The NABET-CWA Negotiating Committee recommended that membership accept the proposed contracts.
The union membership at ABC includes employees at ABC’s television and radio networks and station operations. It covers New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco engineering technicians; New York desk assistants; Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco newswriters; New York radio talent coordinators; New York and San Francisco traffic coordinators; New York publicists; and Los Angeles plant maintenance and radio program coordinators.
“Several thousand additional employees who work for ABC each year on a daily hire basis are also union members covered by the contracts,” according to the organizations.