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Napster Must Block Copyrighted Songs

Napster Must Block Copyrighted Songs

Napster, the online music file-sharing service, will have to block all copyrighted material on its site, U.S District Court Judge Marilyn Patel ordered in a new injunction.
Hillary Rosen, president of the Recording Industry of America was “gratified” with the decision. She said, “We intend to provide the notifications prescribed by the Court expeditiously and look forward to the end of Napster’s infringing activity.”
The RIAA and the major record labels are ordered to provide Napster with lists that enumerate the title of the song, the name of the artist and the name of the file that contains the copyrighted material for every song the RIAA and its members own.
Napster will have 3 days to block the material once it is notified by the RIAA and must demonstrate to the court that it is in compliance with the new order by next Tuesday. Napster said it will comply with the order.
“Napster will follow the District Court’s order,” said Hank Barry, Napster’s chief executive officer, in a statement.
Even if Napster’s demise occurs, there are numerous new services already online that deploy new, decentralized technology that analysts say will be much more difficult, if not impossible for the recording industry to fight.

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