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Narda Downloads RF Data to PCs

Narda Downloads RF Data to PCs

Narda Safety Test Solutions calls it a first: a system for downloading, saving and analyzing data collected in personal RF safety monitors worn by engineers, field technicians and others who work in proximity to sources of RF radiation.
The Nardalert XT Interface Kit is a hardware and software solution for retrieving data logs stored in Nardalert XT monitors, saving the records on PC, and viewing graphed data to determine RF exposure levels with respect to the monitor’s alarm settings and a specific industry or government standard.
“This is an important new tool for helping people avoid unhealthy exposure to RF radiation in the course of their work,” said Richard Strickland, director of business development. “It’s valuable to workers and management for improving job safety, in the short term and over the long haul. There’s never been anything like this before.”
The kit comes in a plastic case and includes an interface module and two cables. One connects the module to the Nardalert XT personal RF monitor; the second, a conventional computer serial cable with nine-pin connector, links the module to the PC. Self-installing software for Windows is provided on a CD-ROM.