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Nautel and DaySequerra Agree on Delay

DaySequerra Timelock and Nautel Exporter Plus to work together

Transmitter manufacturer Nautel and processor maker DaySequerra announced an agreement to address analog radio and HD Radio delay conflict.

The companies’ products, notably the DaySequerra M4.2 TimeLock receiver and Nautel’s Exporter Plus, will communicate via TCP/IP to adjust signals. The TimeLock will measure delay and communicate that to the Exporter Plus for any needed adjustment.

DaySequerra President David Day said, “Proper diversity delay synchronization is critical to a listener’s HD Radio experience … We’re happy to partner with Nautel to solve this problem for our mutual customers.”

Nautel President and CEO Kevin Rodgers added, “Listener experience is paramount and this is an example of how HD Radio is continually improving. Nautel is proud to be a partner in this important step.”

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